Haddonfield Floral Biographies

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D. W. Janszky, MBA


My involvement in the floral industry came about after I finished graduate school for business and began taking interviews – in September of 2001.  Corporate opportunities were scarce to non-existent due to the events of 9-11.  To fill my time during the job search, I...  FULL BIO

Katherine Dallman

I love flowers! I love to grow them, arrange them, smell them, and be around them.  My passion started as a child helping my mother in the garden, and grew into an obsession when I married into a family that owned a garden center.  In 199... FULL BIO

Erika Davis

I was blessed to find my passion and exactly what I was meant to do early in life! I had my first opportunity to work in a flower shop in 1995 when I was in high school and haven’t turned back since! I started answering phones and waiting on customers and over the years had gained experience and learned the art of floral design. FULL BIO

Manda Hill

Being born into a creative family has always sparked my interest for design of any kind. As a young girl, I was so drawn to crafts and always wanted to make something unique, something people would say “that’s different.”  FULL BIO

Teresa Mansfield

 I remember as a child having a section of my dining room filled with plants that I would buy for $1 at the local grocery store with my allowance.  I would get so excited each week when I bought a new plant to add to my collection.  FULL BIO


Terry is a wonderful retiree who has been helping with deliveries at Haddonfield Floral Company since 2008.  We can always count on Terry to keep the deliveries going out on time and arriving safely at their destination.  FULL BIO