My involvement in the floral industry came about after I finished graduate school for business and began taking interviews – in September of 2001.  Corporate opportunities were scarce to non-existent due to the events of 9-11.  To fill my time during the job search, I began delivering for  the local flower shop.  While there I was introduced to the daily workings of a brick and mortar, retail florist and eventually was approached with the idea of purchasing a shop from several local owners.  It was an exciting time of anticipation for what could be.  I became aware of  the Haddonfield Floral Company’s availability through the network of industry colleagues I had met as a driver.   

 In February of 2003 I became the proud owner of the Haddonfield Floral Company!  Since that time I remember most fondly building the exceptional staff of designers and drivers we have had as a team for several years now.  It all began with Kathy Dallman on the first weekend of March 2003, the collaboration that made ownership possible!  We grew our brand name quickly by achieving award winning status in the Philadelphia Flower Show for three straight years, only two years after the acquisition.  Next would come the challenges of my deployments overseas with the U. S. Army.  With tremendous support from our customers and community, we continued to grow the venture in spite of the team’s physical separation as well as a strained economic environment.  

What a rewarding life this has been to serve our country and still endeavor to achieve objectives as an entrepreneur!   Without the great efforts made on everyone’s part, respective of communication and stick-to-itiveness, we would not have been able to still entertain our clients’ needs today.  We are enjoying leading Haddonfield Floral in its third century of existence.  

Favorite Flower—Roses and white lilies.

 I appreciate roses because of their mesmerizing beauty no matter the size, color or variety.  While the white lily is a favorite due to the Catholic symbolism representing the Blessed Mother that we display as our company’s icon!!  

D. W. Janszky, MBA